AdNovum Aims for Specific Target Markets

The Swiss software company is set to realign its organizational structure in early 2020 to provide better digitalization services for its clients. This will be achieved by a stronger focus on vertical markets. To this end, AdNovum will reorganize and expand its leadership team. The product business of the NEVIS Security Suite will be established as an independent business entity.

The Swiss software company AdNovum will undergo reorganization from early 2020. The goal is a clear orientation toward the needs of clients in the target markets banking, insurance, the public sector, growth markets, and Singapore. This includes uniting the entire service portfolio for each target market in its own market unit. Market units will thus also comprise the services of the previous business units Consulting and Service Delivery. The product business of the NEVIS Security Suite will be established as an independent business entity. This increased focus will improve AdNovum's alignment with specific client needs, as well as enhance its ability to support clients in safely and innovatively unlocking their digitalization potential, giving them an advantage in their area of business.


New Leadership Team

One aspect of the reorganization will be a restructuring and expansion of AdNovum's leadership team in line with the new organization. As of January 1, 2020, the leadership team will consist of Kornel Wassmer (Banking), Dominique Schneider (Insurance), Stefan Hediger (Public Sector, a.i.), Thomas Heynen (Growth Markets), Leonard Cheong (Singapore), Roger Bösch (Group Services, CFO), and Beat Fluri (Technology & Innovation, CTO). Roger Bösch, Beat Fluri, and Kornel Wassmer will furthermore be members of the Executive Management. Marcel Nickler will continue to lead the company as Delegate of the Board of Directors until a new CEO has been found. Peter Gassmann, head of the previous business unit Consulting, will leave AdNovum to seek new challenges outside the company. Marcel Nickler comments: «I am looking forward to working with the new leadership team. Also, I want to thank Peter Gassmann for his great commitment in building up the consulting business at AdNovum.»


NEVIS to Become Independent

The Board of Directors has decided in the course of the reorganization that NEVIS will be established as an independent business entity from early 2020. The NEVIS Group will encompass the Swiss headquarters NEVIS Security AG, NEVIS Security Kft. in Hungary as a development and production site, and NEVIS Security GmbH for sales and distribution in Germany. The NEVIS Group as well as AdNovum will remain in the possession of IHAG Holding AG. Stephan Schweizer will lead the NEVIS Group as CEO. He currently heads the business unit NEVIS at AdNovum. Consulting and integration services related to NEVIS and the implementation of IAM solutions will remain a strategic business segment at AdNovum.


Marcel Nickler on the realignment: «The market has changed considerably in recent years. We need an agile organization that is closely focused on the market to keep pace with this development. The stronger orientation toward specific target markets, both in the service and in the product business, will help us tap into more market potential. We aim to position AdNovum in our target markets as a premium partner for digitalization solutions that advance our clients' businesses.»



The Swiss software company AdNovum offers its customers comprehensive support in the fast and secure digitalization of existing business processes and the implementation of new business ideas, from consulting and conception to implementation and operation. With the products of the NEVIS Security Suite, AdNovum is the market leader for identity and access management in Switzerland. AdNovum's customer base includes renowned companies from the finance, insurance, telecommunications, manufacturing, and logistics industries, as well as several federal offices and cantons.


Founded in 1988, AdNovum today employs approx. 600 staff at its headquarters in Zurich and at offices in Bern, Lausanne, Budapest, Lisbon, Ho Chi Minh City, and Singapore. /

Twitter: @AdNovum / @NevisSecSuite



New leadership team:

Download portrail Marcel Nickler
Marcel Nickler – Delegate of the Board of Directors and interim Head of AdNovum

Roger Bösch – CFO and, as of 2020, Head of Group Services

Beat Fluri – Head of Human Resources, as of 2020 CTO and Head of Technology & Innovation

Kornel Wassmer – CDO, as of 2020 Head of Banking

Dominique Schneider – Key Account Manager, as of 2020 Head of Insurance

Stefan Hediger – former Managing Director of AdNovum Bern and CIO TWINT, as of 2020 interim Head of Public Sector

Thomas Heynen – Head of Solution Architecture, as of 2020 Head of Growth Markets

Leonard Cheong – Managing Director AdNovum Singapore, as of 2020 Head of Singapore

To date:

Peter Gassmann – Chief Consulting Officer

Stephan Schweizer - CPO NEVIS, as of 2020 CEO of the NEVIS Group

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