Unlock new market potential with accessibility

Access to digital offerings and a better user experience for everyone

The Coronavirus measures have now made it clear: digital offers must be accessible to everyone, especially older people and those with restrictions. Accessibility and a pleasant user experience in web and mobile solutions also bring significant added value, for example more customers and differentiation through innovation.


The worldwide spread of the SARSCOV-2 virus has resulted in most of us being confined to home office, and even those who are not working have to increasingly organize their lives mostly via online services. Digital offers, whether as web or mobile applications, have proven to be essential for supplying the population and maintaining the economy.


Not a simple matter for many people

For example, shopping online, ordering a pizza using an app, checking timetables, using e-banking and social networks is, however, impossible for many older people and people with disabilities. The range of mobile apps and services on the web is immense, but only a few of them are barrier-free and accessible. The aforementioned groups would be particularly dependent on unrestricted access to these offers and an easy, intuitive user experience.


Disability – a marginal phenomenon?

In everyday working life and in public spaces, you do not meet many of the disabled or you cannot see their limitations directly. This makes it easy to get the impression that disabilities are a marginal phenomenon. However, this is simply not the case. According to the Federal Statistics Office, over 1.8 million people in Switzerland have a disability, 26% of them are so severely restricted that they cannot live alone.


Accessibility is worth the investment

If you as a provider make your service or app accessible, you are doing more than simply helping protect the risk groups. By enabling and facilitating the use of their services for people with a disability, providers also open up significant new market potential. Experience also shows that innovations for the disabled are often used for other groups, and that the commitment to accessibility generally also improves the overall user experience. In this way you can strengthen your digital channels with accessibility and at the same time gain loyal, new customers.